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(1) (General) A sheet of fibres or fabric wrapped round a core with specific applications in different sections of the industry, e.g., sheets of fibre wound on rollers or round endless aprons to facilitate transfer from one process to the next.
Note: In cotton spinning, the sheets of fibre from openers and scutchers, sliver-lap machines, and ribbon-lap machines are wound on cores
(2) (Flax) An arrangement of the fibre strands in scutched flax, pieced out for hackling, or in pieces of hackled flax, to facilitate their removal as separate units from built-up undles
(3) (Fabric.) The length of fabric between successive transverse folds when pieces are plaited down or folded(Fabric) An individual layer of fabric in roll form
(4) Fibres wrapped accidentally round any rotating machine part
(5) Silk waste after discharging and combing, but before processing into sliver or top. The staple length of the fibre decreases between the first, second and third drafts (combings)

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