Woollen; woolen

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Descriptive of yarns, or fabrics or garments made from yarns, which have been produced on the condenser system, wholly from wool fibres, new or otherwise.

Note 1: As an adjective appertaining to wool generally, the term ‘wool’ and not ‘woollen’ is recommended.

Note 2: The trade name ‘woollen-spun’ is applied to staple yarn produced by carding, condensing, and spinning on machinery originally designed for the processing of wool into yarn: It is descriptive of the processing technique and not fibre content. Since the yarn may not contain any wool fibre, the alternative condenser spun is preferable.

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Yarns made from shorter fibers of 1 to 3 inches, which stick out in all directions, giving the yarn its characteristic fuzziness. They are often singles yarns, and are thicker and more loosely twisted than worsted yarns. Fabrics made from woolen yarns are warm and fuzzy, such as flannels, tweeds and sweaters.

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