Yorkshire dressing

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A method of preparing a striped warp beam for a loom. Four operations are involved
(1) splitting-off from stock ball warps (bleached or dyed, and sized) the required number of threads of the required colours
(2) the disposition of these threads to pattern in the reed with or without ends from stock grey warps
(3) the slow and intermittent winding of the threads onto the loom beam, during the process they are tensioned by means of rods and rollers, brushed by hand, and kept and in correct position and if, as is usual, there are two or four ends per reed dent, these are further separated by means of a rod
(4) the picking of an end-and-end lease. The process ensures that in the warp all threads will be kept parallel, separated one from another, in their correct position, and correctly tensioned

see dressing (warp preparation)

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