Cabled Yarn

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Two or more folded yarns twisted together in one or more operations

Note 1: Combinations of folded yarn(s) and single yarn(s) may be described as cabled yarns, e.g., a single yarn twisted together with two folded yarns to give softness to the resulting yarn.

Note 2: In the tyre-yarn and tyre-cord sections of the industry, cabled yarns are termed cabled cords or cords.

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A cabled yarn is a plied yarn made up of ply. So if you took two 2-ply and plied them again, you would have a cabled yarn. It is important to remember that you reverse the twist for each step. So if you spun your singles Z, the 2-ply would be spun S, and the cabled yarn would be produced by plying Z. You will need to have extra twist in the singles and the first ply to produce a “balanced yarn“. A 3/2 cable refers to three 2-ply

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