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A term used broadly in the paint, paper, printing ink, leather, plastics and textile industries to include the added materials, the finishing processes employed, and the final result
(1) A substance or mixture of substances added to a substrate at any stage in the process to impart desired properties
(2) The type of process, physical or chemical, applied to a substrate to produce a desired effect
(3) Such properties, e.g., smoothness, drape, lustre, gloss or crease resistance produced by (1) and/or (2) above
(4) The state of the substrate as it leaves a previous process
(5) The quality or appearance of a paint or printing-ink film
Note: This term is also used to describe the type or quality of a process given at any stage e.g. a yarn may be said to be ‘wax-finished’ or a wool top ‘well-finished’ when processing conforms to standard
(6) To apply or produce a finish

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