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(1) The moisture present in textile fibres in their raw or partly or wholly manufactured form

(2) To allow textile materials (raw materials, slivers, yarns, and fabrics) to come to hygroscopic equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere or with the standard atmosphere for testing

(3) To add relatively small quantities of water to textile materials (raw materials, slivers, yarns and fabrics)

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Note : The object of conditioning is to prepare for testing, or to bring textiles to an agreed moisture content for sale or to facilitate later processing. Among methods used for applying water are: (a) mechanical means during gilling or winding, (b) the use of conditioning machines, and storing in an atmosphere of very high relative humidity.

In grease wool, the amount of yolk and foreign impurities it contains A fleece having a ‘heavy condition’ would have a large amount of shrinkage

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