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(1) Descriptive of a calender with two or three bowls in which one (the middle one in a three-bowl calender) is of highly polished steel engraved with very fine parallel lines (grooves) running at an angle of approximately 20° to either the horizontal or the vertical.

(2) (Finish) Descriptive of a finish obtained by passing a fabric through a schreiner calender. The object of the process is to enhance the lustre of the fabric.

(3) (Bowl) The engraved bowl of a schreiner calender.

Note 1: The number of lines on the bowl may vary from 5-24 per millimetre, but is usually in the range 9-14.

Note 2: The angle of inclination of the lines is chosen to ensure good cover of the fabric, e.g., a low inclination of 15-20° is recommended for weft sateen fabrics. Optimum effects are obtained when the lines slightly cross the direction of the surface yarn twist.

Note 3: In use, the engraved bowl is heated, usually to 60-120°C for finishing cotton fabrics.

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