Scotch dressing

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(1) (dry taping; Scotch beaming) A method of preparing striped warps for weaving, suitable for use when long lengths of any one pattern are to be woven. Three operations are involved :
(a) splitting-off from stock ball warps (bleached or dyed, and sized) the required number of threads of the required colours
(b) the winding of the differently coloured warps, each onto a separate ‘back’ or warper’s beam, and
(c) the simultaneous winding of the threads from a set of back beams through a coarse reed onto a loom beam
(2) (dresser sizing; Scotch warp dressing) A method of warp preparation, used particular linen industry, which incorporates sizing. Yam in sheet form is withdrawn from two warper’s beams (one set at each end of the machine) and wound onto a loom beam at a headstock. Each half of the machine has its own size box and hot-air-drying arrangement

see dressing (warp preparation)

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